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Standing Order No. 7

Standing Order No. 7
Assignments of Land Revenue and Non-Service Pensions
Table of Contents


SN.NO Subject
Assignments of land revenue
1. Introductory
Military rewards grants of fauji jagirs
2. Government of India, Military Department, resolution no. 867-B., dated 27th February, 1893
Special jagirs
3. Secretary of State’s Despatch No.53-Finl., dated the 8th September, 1916, and Punjab Government Resolution No.8397, dated the 5th April, 1917
4. Jagirs governed by the Punjab Jagirs Act, 1941
5. Other Jagirs  and  muafis
6. Interpretation of the orders of release
7. Sanads
8. Payment of assignments
9. Payment to non-resident or inform assignees
Alienation of assignments of land revenue and their attachment in execution of a decree
10. Government of India No. 2990 dated 27th August, 1852. Government of India No. 109, dated 9th January, 1857.  Despatch, Political Department No.51 dated 30th August, 1858
11. Section 11 of the Punjab Jagirs Act, 1941
12. Alienation of Military Jagir/Special Jagirs
13. Duties of Collector in connection with attachment of assignments
14. Questions regarding succession
15. Power of sanction of Deputy Commissioners to succession to assignments
16. Sanction to succession to assignments of entire estates
17. Succession to grants held during the pleasure of Government
18. Interpretation of the term “succession to heirs male”
19. Succession in case of small grants for service to be performed
20. Succession in case to small grants assigned to several persons for their lives
21. Succession to grants for religious institutions
22. Succession to military jagirs, special jagirs, and jagirs governed by the provisions of the Punjab Jagirs Act, 1941
Resumption and Forfeiture
23. Circumstances under which land revenue assignments are to be resumed
24. Powers as regards resumptions
Orders relating to lapses of assignments
25. Lapse of term-expired assignments
26. Procedure on discovery of unreported lapses
27. Lapse or resumption of entire estates
28. Lapse or resumption of revenue-free plots
29. Settlement with heirs of deceased muafidars
30. Small sums not to be added to assessments of the estates
31. Resumed assignments to share in reduction of assessments granted to the village.
32. Title of the heirs of muafidar to receive the revenue payable in respect of any crops that may have been soon, or may be standing at the time of his deceased
33. Who will receive revenue of resumed assignments in jagir villages
34. In shared villages where shares of jagirdars and Government are separate
35. Where jagirdar’s shares has not been separated
36. Calculation of service commutation on sub-assignments. Financial Commissioners’ circular letter no. 5551, dated 25th September, 1900
37. Deposit of Recoveries etc.
38. Instructions for submission of returns
39. Circular Memo 35 of 1887
40. Circular IX of 1865- Extract from muafi register
41. Circular no.32 of 1882
42. Punjab Government resolution no.488, dated 4th October 1884, as amended by Punjab Government no.28, dated 11th March 1899 - Submission of proposals for continuance of life assignments or pensions
43. Punjab Government resolution no.488, dated 4th October, 1884 -Continuance of life assignments usually not to be proposed
44. Punjab Government resolution no.488, dated 4th October, 1884, as amended by Punjab Government no.28, dated 11th March, 1899. Form of proposal for continuance or resumption of assignments or pension
45. Information to be given in the case of proposals made to continue part of a life jagir or political pension, or to grant pensions to the families of deceased jagirdars.  Punjab Government resolution No. 488, dated 4th October, 1884, as amended by Punjab Government no.28, dated 11th March, 1899
46. Circular No. 25 of 1879 - All grants held by same person to be considered simultaneously
Instructions for deciding whether a jagir is of fixed amount, or whether its value is liable to fluctuate as the result of reassessment
47. Punjab Government No. 11-A, dated 26th November, 1896
48. Fixation of grant after the annexation by the British Govt.
49. Applicability of Rule of kam-o-besh
50. Determination of extent of the Rule kam-o-besh
Effect of suspension and remission of land revenue on assignments
51. Punjab Government letter No. 387-R(S.), dated the 17th June, 1931, and No.147-R, dated the 8th January, 1934 Punjab Government letter No.3372 R., dated 6th September, 1938
Treatment of assignments at a general reassessment and during the currency of settlement
52. Attestation of existing documents
53. Paragraph 572 of Settlement deals
54. Action in anticipation of sanction
55. Additions to power of Financial Commissioner
56. Punjab Government Notification No.28.F-42/8338 dated the 13th February, 1942
Proposals for the commutation of hereditary jagirs
57. Government of India No.778-243-2, dated the 24th September, 1918, and section 10 of the Pensions Act, XXIII of 1871
The Maintenance of Registers of Assignments, and the Verification of the Existence of Assignees
58. Barkley’s Directions to Collectors, appendix XVI. The registers prescribed
59. Political pensions
60. Punjab Government nos.197, dated 10th December, 1884, and 87, dated 4th July, 1889. Government of India, foreign Department no.1992-G, dated 16th October, 1884. Punjab Government no.5, dated 8th January, 1914
61. Punjab Government letter no. 540 – R., dated 7th March, 1925, and Government of India, Department of Education, Health and Lands, letter no. 323, dated 11th June. 1925
62. Grant of cash pensions to the destitute relatives of a deceased holder of a special jagir; Punjab Government letter no. 2687-R., dated 10th October, 1935
Proposal for the grant of non – service pensions to the female relatives of deceased assignees
63. Inquiry into application for maintenance by relatives of deceased pensioners; Circular no. 17 of 1852
64. Submission of proposal for pensions or lapse of assignment; Punjab Government resolution no. 52,dated 17th April, 1894
65. Disposal of claims to participate in pension or assignments; Rule 7 of the Punjab Pension and Revenue Assignment Rules, 1937
Payment of pensions
66. Authority of payment of pensions
67. Punjab Government notification no. 33764, dated 21st December, 1933
Forfeiture of pensions
68. Forfeiture of pensions for crime; Book circular no XLIX of 1860 and VIII of 1872
69. Pensions. No. 700 181-2, dated 12th May 1913, from the Under Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Revenue and Agriculture, to the Revenue Secretary to Government, Punjab
Proposals for the commutation of non- service pensions and the grants of dowries
70. What pensions may be commuted, and on what conditions; Punjab Government, Finance Department, letter no. 32595 F.G., dated 23rd November, 1934
71. Report prescribed before payment; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
72. Form of report; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1893
73. If pensioner above 70, commutation not permitted; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
74. Certificate to accompany report; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
75. Preparation of descriptive rolls of pensioners whose pensions may be commuted under these rules; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
76. Grant of dowry in commutation of pensions enjoyed by female. ; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. dated 9th January, 1873
77. Form of bills to be submitted for countersignature of Commissioner. ; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873. Punjab Government no. 297, dated 16th April, 1908
78. Pension commuted for dowry, till what date payable. ; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
79. These rules inapplicable to female military pensioners. ; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
80. Add to pensioners under the Service Regulations; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 48, dated 9th January, 1873
Pensioner’s roll, report of death of pensioners and the marriage or remarriage of female pensioners
81. Characteristic marks to be given for identification of pensioner; Financial Commissioner’s notification no. 411, dated 22nd March, 1873
82. Punjab Government resolution no. 940- Final., dated 8th May, 1899
83. Report from all rural areas
Grant of copies of orders
84. Punjab Government no. 865, dated 22nd July, 1878, Circular no. 55 of 1878

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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