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Press Note – Transfer of rural evacuee land on the basis of possession since Rabi 1970 to Rai Sikhs/SCs


                                                                                  PRESS NOTE

Sub : Transfer of Rural Evacuee Land on the basis of Possession – Rabi 1970- to SC/ Rai Sikhs

For sometime past, the question of disposal of surplus rural evacuee agricultural lands has been engaging the attention of Government, after careful consideration of the problem in prospective it has been decided that these lands should be disposed of as quickly as possible, in any case within a period of 9 to 10 months in the following manner :

  • The lands occupied by the members of Schedules Castes and Rai Sikhs from Rabi 1970 or earlier shall be transferred to them on prescribed rates, subject to a ceiling of 5 standard acres or 10 ordinary acres each, inclusive of a transferee’s own holding, if any.
  • Land under un-authorized occupation which is not transferable on the basis of possession as also the Banjar, Ghair Mumkin lands excluding the lands;
    1. required for allotment to un-satisfied claimants;
    2. already reserved for allotment to disabled soldiers, widows, parents, children etc. of the soldiers killed in Chinese and Pakistan aggressions.
    3. Earmarked for transfer to the Forest Department;
    4. Required for public purposes shall be disposed of by auctions restricted to members of Schedules Castes on the following terms and conditions:-
  • Only landless Scheduled Castes tillers including tenants, sepis sanjis and agricultural labourers depending upon agriculture, provided they know ploughing etc well enough, will be eligible to participate in the auctions.
  • A successful auction purchaser would not be eligible to transfer, sell or part with the lands so purchased in any manner in favour of a person who is not a member of Schedules Castes, for a period of 20 years.
  • An auction purchaser, who is head of family can purchase land to the extent of 5 standard acres or 10 ordinary acres inclusive of his own holdings if any.
  • No Government servant and his dependent can take part in the auction. Schedules Caste MPs, MLAs and Ex-MLAa and their dependent will however the eligible to participate in auctions.
  • No minor or any one on his behalf can be in the restricted auction.
  • The members of the Schedules Castes who disposed of the lands already purchased by them in restricted auctions and have misused the concession allowed to them by Government cannot participate in these auctions.
  • (a) A successful Schedules Caste auction purchaser shall be liable to pay 5% of the old money at the fall off the hammer and the balance amount in 19 half yearly interest free instalments. But on overdue instalments, 7% interest shall be chargeable from the due date to the date of actual payment.

(b) In the event of default in payment of two successive instalment, the land shall be resumed and the amount already paid forfeited. The land, thus resumed shall be resold in restricted auction.

  • The land purchased y a Scheduled Caste auction purchaser should be cultivated by him or through members(s) of Scheduled Castes.
  • If in the case of a lot of land, the highest bid tendered by a member of Scheduled Caste fall below the reserve price then Rai Sikhs would also be permitted to bid for that lot. If in spite of that he tendered remains below the reserve price, the said lot of land, will be sold by open auction.
  • A successful non-Harijan auction purchaser shall be liable to pay the bid money as in of open auction.

(iii). Lands falling under the excepted categories shall continue to be disposed of through open auction, as herein fore,

The restricted auctions will start with immediate effect and will be continued till, the auction-able area is exhausted. Village wise auction programme will be advertised by the Tehsildar (Sales) or Naib Tehsildar (Sales) of the districts concerned from time to time well in advance, as required under the rules. Any further information required in this behalf can be had from the office of the Tehsildar (Sales) or Naib Tehsildar (Sales) of the district or the Unit concerned.

Rehabilitation Department

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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