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Disposal of inferior land purchased by the Punjab government from the Central Ministry of Rehabilitation.




Shri OG Adya

Under Secretary to Government Punjab

Revenue Department.


All the Deputy Commissioner in Punjab State

(Except Simla)

Memo No. 841-JN(IV)-61/3699 Chandigarh dated 29 August 1961.

Subject: Disposal of inferior land purchased by the Punjab Government from the Central Ministry of Rehabilitation.

Reference: Correspondence resting with Punjab Government No. 5423-JN(IV)6147-64, dated 16th June 1961.

The Governor of Punjab is pleased to make following orders in this connection.

(1) Land within 10 miles of border Rai Sikhs: The inferior evacuee land of villages within 10 miles of the Indo Pakistan Border will be utilized for the purposes of allotment to those who have to be given land under the “Indo-Pakistan Border Agreement”. If any land remains after the resettlement of the Indian Oustees, it may be utilized by resettling the Rai Sikhs of Ferozepur District and suitable persons of border areas Gurdaspur, Ferozepur and Amritsar districts and ex-servicemen.

(2) A colony for ex-servicemen may be established if land about 1000 acres at two places is found.

(3) A colony for graduates in Agriculture on a Cooperative basis may be established in Karnal District where about 500 acre of land is available.

(4) Lease to SC/BC/Landless/Ex-servicemen: 50 % of the remaining land will be allotted to Harijans of the villages and the rest to other less persons and the members of the Backward Classes and Indian Christians of the villages and ex-servicemen on the following terms :

If there are more claimants than the land available the names of the claimants be drawn by lottery in the presence of an advisory Committee to be framed by the Deputy Commissioner and selection will be made accordingly :

  • The land will be leased by the Deputy Commissioner at the rate of 12.5 acres per family for 10 years in the first instance.
  • The lessee will not be required to pay any lease money, land revenue for other cases in the first five years, but the lease money for the Banjar Land will, however, be recovered at the rate of rupees one per acre per year. If canal irrigation has been extended than Abiana will be leviable. After the expiry of that period, the lessee will be course, be required to pay the land revenue and other cases.
  • After the period of five years the lessee shall have the option to purchase the land at the rate of Rs. 40/- per acre of Banjar and Rs. 25/- per acre of Ghairmumkin land. The lease money recovered from him shall be deducted from the sale price and the net amount due shall be payable either in lump sum or in four equal annual instalments.
  • If the lessee does not want to purchase the land he shall deliver vacant possession of the land leased to him and will not be entitled to any compensation for the improvements made thereon.
  • The lessee shall bring under cultivation or proper use 1/4th of the land in the first three years of the lease and the remaining 3/4th of the land in the next two years.
  • The cultivated area or the area put to proper use shall not be reduced to less than one half in any case after the fifth year.
  • Any breach of conditions for the reasons beyond the control of the lessee can be condoned by the authority prescribed by the Government in this behalf.
  • In case a lessee dies during the period of the lease, his successors will be given the land on the same conditions.
  • For any particular area, any special condition or set of conditions can be prescribed by Government.
  • In case of dispute between lessee and the Collector, regarding any condition of the lease or the rights of the government, the dispute shall be referred to the Commissioner of the Division for decision. An appeal against the order of the Commissioner by the allottee shall lie to the State Government, whose decision shall be final.

(For Deputy Commissioner, Karnal)

He will please send his proposal for establishment of an ex-servicemen colony and colony for graduates in Agriculture with an area of 1000 acres at two places and 500 acres respectively.

Sd/- OG Adya Under Secretary, Revenue – II

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


 Hon'ble Minister-In-Charge
 Sh. Bram Shanker Sharma (Jimpa)

Additional​ Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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