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Disposal of inferior evacuee land-policy regarding.



Sardar Bhagat Singh

Under Secretary to Government Punjab

Revenue Department


All the Deputy Commissioners

In Punjab State.

Memo No. 3.7.1978 LR (I)14529, Chandigarh dated 10 July 1979.

Sub: Disposal of inferior evacuee land-Policy regarding.

The Governor of Punjab is pleased to make the following orders with regard to the disposal of inferior evacuee land :

  • The lessees of inferior evacuee land who had obtained lease of the land under policy laid down during 1961 and who have hitherto not purchased the same be given other opportunity for purchasing the land in accordance with the term and conditions laid in the aforesaid policy within 30 days of fresh notices to be issued by the Collectors concerned.
  • The unauthorized occupants of inferior evacuee land which was not leased out to them under the policy laid down during 1961, may be transferred the same subject to the limit of ten ordinary acres, inclusive of their own holdings, if any, provided their cultivating possession is continuous from Rabi 1976 and provided they are heads of their families.
  • The price of land may be charged from the these occupants @ Rs. 40/- and Rs. 25/- per acre for Banjar and Ghairmumkin lands respectively in case these land are not commanded by any source of irrigation provided by the Government. If these lands are irrigated by a source provided by the Government then the price of the irrigated land may be charged at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per acre. The price of the land will be recovered from unauthorized occupants in lump sum or in four equated annual instalments with interest at 7 % per annum; the first installment equivalent to 20 of the price payable at the time of transfer.
  • In addition to the price of the land, the unauthorized occupants may be liable to pay damages on the following rates for use and occupation of the land from the date of occupation till the date of transfer in lump sum or in instalments not exceeding the number of instalments in which the price of the land is recoverable as may be fixed by the Collectors concerned, keeping in view the merits of each case :

(a) For Scheduled Castes 8 times the land revenue.

& Rai Sikh Occupants.

(b) For other occupants. 8 times the land revenue upto July 1971 and thereafter at

20 times the land revenue

or Rs. 40/- per acre per

harvest whichever is higher.

  • The area not transferred to the unauthorized occupants on the above terms and conditions, or not purchased by lessees may be disposed of by auction restricted to landless members of the Scheduled Castes, who are depending upon agriculture or are sanjhis, sepis and agricultural labourers and have no other source of livelihood, upto the limits of 10 ordinary acres.
  • Banjar and Ghairmumkin lands reported to be unfit for lease will be surveyed by a team of officer up by the Rehabilitation Department for the survey of similar types of surplus rural evacuee agricultural land so as to find out whether any part thereof can be reclaimed. The land which can be reclaimed may be disposed of by auctions restricted to the landless members of the scheduled castes, who are depending upon agriculture or sanjhis, Sepis or agriculture labourers and have no other source of livelihood upto the limit of 10 ordinary acres per family. The land which is reported to be unfit for agriculture but can be utilized for aforestation, will be transferred to the Forest Department at a token price of Rs. 5/- per ordinary acre. The lands which are found to be neither fit for agriculture nor for aforestation will be transferred to the village Panchayats concerned, free of cost.

(For Deputy Commissioners Ludhiana and Sangrur only)

The erroneous sale of 1248 acres and 9 acres of inferior evacuee land in Ludhiana and Sangrur districts respectively by the Tehsildars of the Rehabilitation Department is also hereby regularized. The Rehabilitation Department is being asked to remit the sale proceeds thereof to the Revenue Department immediately. Necessary action in the matter may please be taken accordingly immediately.

The receipt of this communication may be acknowledged.

Under Secretary Revenue

No. 3/7/78-LR(4)14530 Chandigarh dated 10 July 1979

A copy is forwarded to the Deputy Secretary to Government Punjab, Rehabilitation Department for information and necessary action.

2. Proceeds of 1248 acres and 9 acres of inferior evacuee land in Ludhiana and Sangrur districts respectively may please be remitted to the Revenue Department immediately.

3. Early step may please be taken to constitute the team of officers for under taking the survey of Banjar and Ghairmumkin lands out of the inferior evacuee land as mentioned in para 1 (vi) above.

Under Secretary Revenue

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


 Hon'ble Minister-In-Charge
 Sh. Bram Shanker Sharma (Jimpa)

Additional​ Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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