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Department of Revenue & Rehabilitation(R.E.II. Branch)

  • Name of the Society:

The name of the Society shall be ‘Operation and Maintenance Society’ for District Administrative Complexes hereinafter called ‘Society’.

  • Registered Office:

The registered office of the Society shall be the office of the concerned Deputy Commissioner.

  • Aims and Objectives
  • Aims

(i) To ensure high standard of operational efficiency and maintenance of Administrative Complexes.

(ii) To employ cost saving techniques and methods for the maintenance and upkeep of the Administrative Complexes.

(iii) To ensure the assets appreciation of the Administrative complexes over its lifetime.

  • Objectives
  • To take all necessary steps for the high standards of maintenance and up keep of the complexes.
  • To ensure the safety of the Administrative Complexes from any hazards such as fire, flooding, electrical short-circuiting, etc.
  • To ensure uninterrupted functioning of all operations viz. water supply, sewerage and engineering systems viz. electricity supply, air-conditioning, air-cooling, lifts etc.
  • To ensure high standards of cleanliness both inside the Administrative Complexes as well as within the complexes campus and to educate the staff and public regarding the same.
  • To prepare Annual Operations and Maintenance Budget Estimates and to exercise full financial control over the same.
  • To depute the staff for the maintenance and upkeep of the Administrative Complexes.
  • To sanction expenditure on items for proper maintenance and running of the system and equipments.
  • Without prejudices to any of the objects mentioned above, to take all such steps and to adopt all such measures as may be deemed necessary to carry out the aforesaid aims and objects and matters thereto or conducive to the attainment of any of them.
  • Governing Body of the Society

The Governing Body of the Society shall comprise of Heads of all offices housed in the Administrative Complexes. The governing body shall be overall responsible for all affairs of the Society and shall meet on quarterly basis. The concerned Deputy Commissioner shall be the Chairman of the governing body whereas the Assistant Commissioner (General) shall be the Member Secretary. (here specify members not less than 11)

  • Executive Committee
  • For the day today running and management of the affairs of the Society, there shall be an Executive Committee under the governing body. It shall comprise of the following (suggested members): -


Deputy Commissioner



Local Sub Divisional Magistrate



XEN. PWD (B & R) in the District



XEN, Public Health, in the District



District Fire Officer



District Revenue Officer



Assistant Comm. (General)

Member Secretary

  • The Executive Committee may lay down procedures and make rules to carry out its functions.

6) Functions of the Office bearers: -

  • Chairman

The chairman shall be the Executive Head of the Society and preside overall meetings of the governing body and executive committees. He shall also exercise executive control and general superintendence over the affairs of the Society.

  • Member Secretary

He shall perform all duties and exercise all such powers as are delegated to him in carrying out thew policy of the society and ensuring the implementation of the decisions taken by the Society or its Committee from time to time. He shall summon meeting and record proceedings and keep all records and also carry on correspondence on behalf of the Society.

  • Treasurer

The Assistant Commissioner (General) shall be the Treasurer of the Society who shall receive all funds, donations and properties etc. on behalf of the Society. All the money so received shall be deposited in the name of the Society with any scheduled bank. The account shall be operated under the joint signatures of the treasurer and any other member as nominated by the Chairman from time to time.

7. Functions and powers of the Society

  • The Society shall be an autonomous body, registered under the Society Registration Act, 1960 and acting under this Notification. The Society shall not, however, act in any manner prejudicial to any of the aims, objects and purposes for which it has been established.
  • The Society shall prepare the annual estimate cost/Budget for the maintenance of the Administrative Complexes. The Society may allot the work through tenders, contract or other established procedure to make best use of its resources and has full financial powers to make payments.

8) Income of the Society

1) Grants from government.

2) Other sources of income specially generated for the purpose


9) Contracts

All contracts and agreements needed by the Society shall be executed for and on behalf of the Society by a person/persons authorized by the Society.

10) Suits

The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the Chairman and he shall have the authority to sign all documents.

11) Quorum

The Quorum of the meeting of the Governing Body shall be one fourth of the members where as of Executive Committee it shall be one third.

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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