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Allotment of land to partially unsatisfied claimants


                                                  Punjab Government Department of Rehabilitation


1. All the Tehsildars (Sales) in the State and

Naib Tehsildars (Sales) -, Ropar and Sangrur.

2. All the Tehsildars (Mahal)-cum-Sales

in the State.

No. R-I(165) Part-VI/23148-200, dated Jullundur, the 24th November, 1976

Subject : Allotment of land to partially unsatisfied claimants.


1. For some time past, the question whether allotment of surplus rural evacuee agricultural land be made to :

(a) Partially unsatisfied claimants of Punjabi or Non-Punjabi extraction; and

(b) Permanently disabled soldiers and widows, parents, children of the soldiers killed in the Chinese aggression of 1962 and Pak aggression of 1965;

in the villages of their original allotments or in the villages in which areas have been reserved in pursuance of the instructions issued,-vide this Department Endorsement No. G-5/11559-691, dated June 17, 1976 has been under the active consideration of the Government. After considering the problems in the perspective, it has been decided that alternative and additional allotments admissible to these categories of allot tees should be made to them in the villages of their original allotments, subject to the availability of land, provided those villages have not became urban. In case, any such village has become sub-urban, a sitting allottee will be eligible to the allotment of additional or alternate area after the application of the requisite cut(s) as required under the rules. If no allottable areas are available in those villages, then subject to the aforesaid provision the allot tees may be given requisite allotments in the adjoining villages according to Rules.

2. It has also been, decided that fresh allotment to wholly Unsatisfied claimants .of Punjabi extraction and war widows of 1971, who seek allotment of land in Kapurthala, Ropar, Sangrur, Patiala and Bhatinda Districts, where no areas have been reserved may be made to them in these districts according to Rules, subject to availability of area,

3. It should be ensured that first priority in the matter of allotment of land is given to the unsatisfied claimants and partially satisfied claimants whether of Punjabi or Non-Punjabi extraction. Others should be accommodated only to the extent possible after the demands of the former categories have been met.

4. A complete account of the area utilized for the above purpose; out of the villages in which no areas have been reserved should be kept separately for the purposes of adjustment towards the reserved area of 6,000 standard acres. In order to keep proper co-ordination, the Tehsildars(S)/Naib-Tehsildar(S) as the case may be, will intimate the detail of the areas utilized, out of the surplus rural evacuee agricultural land available in the villages in which no reservation has been made, to their counterparts on the Revenue side, so that they may not dispose of the same in restricted or open auctions.

5. Detailed instructions regarding allotment of land to displaced persons of Non-Punjabi, extraction, whose cases are being referred by the Government of India, for allotment, in Punjab, will be issued separately,

6. The above instructions should be followed meticulously. The instructions already issued in this behalf,-vide IA(v) of this Department Endorsement No. G-5/11559-691, dated June 17, 1976, should be deemed to have been modified to the above extent.


Deputy Secretary, (Revenue)

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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