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List of Items for Relief-1997

Government of India

Ministry of Agriculture Deptt of Agriculture & Cooperation Krishi Bhawan, Dr Rajendra Prasad Road

New Delhi-110001


F.No. 1-21/95-NDM Dated: 21/3/1997


Shri KS Janjua

Financial Commissioner &

Secretary to Govt. Punjab

Deptt of Revenue & Rehabilitation



Sub: Items and norms of assistance, the expenditure on which alone will be chargeable to the Calamity Relief Fund.


The Tenth Finance Commissioner (TFC) had reviewed the existing scheme of financing relief expenditure in the wake of natural calamities. Govt of India accepted the recommendations relating to the continuation of the scheme of Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) with an enhanced corpus. The TFC had also recommended setting up of a committee by the Ministry of Agriculture to draw up the list of items, the expenditure on which alone will be chargeable to the CRF. The norms for the amounts that can be given or spent under each of the approved items are required to be prescribed by the State Level Committee and communicated to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture would check the norms and, if they are significantly out of line, modify them. The Accountant Generals would ensure that only expenditure on items approved by the Ministry of Agriculture is booked to the Head 2246-Natural Calamities.

2. Accordingly, the Ministry of Agriculture had constituted a Committee of Experts which identified the list of items, the expenditure on which alone will be charged to the Calamity Relief Fund. This list of items was communicated to all the State Government vide this Department DO letter No. 105/95-NDM dated June 5, 1995. The State Government of Punjab communicated to the Ministry of Agriculture the norms of assistance laid down by the State Level Committee vide its letter number 7/7/95-ER-II/4731, dated 25/8/1995.

3. The norms of assistance laid down by various State Governments were considered in the Ministry of Agriculture on the basis of the recommendations of the Tenth Finance Commissioner. As recommended by the Commission, the Expert Committee constituted by the Ministry of Agriculture had also laid down the norms of expenditure permissible under various items while assessing requirements of State Governments for additional assistance from the National Fund for Calamity Relief (NFCR). A copy of the list of items and the norms of expenditure admissible from the NFCR is enclosed. It was observed that the State Level Committees of different States have prescribed widely varying norms of assistance for different items. It would be appropriate to avoid wide variations of assistance from the Calamity Relief Fund from State to State, and for this purpose, adoption of norms not varying too widely with the Central norms would be necessary. Of course, some variations keeping in view the local situation would be reasonable. The issue has been considered in this Ministry and with a view to ensure uniformity of approach and to avoid wide variations in scales of assistance from State to State the following guidelines have been decided :

  1. In respect of gratuitous relief, the State norms may exceed the NFCR norms by not more than 25% only except in the case of relief to old, infirm and destitute children where increase upto 50% of the NFCR norm is permissible. It is suggested that ex gratia payment to families of deceased may be kept at a minimum of Rs. 20000 plus variation of 25% as per the NFCR norms.
  2. In the case of supplementary nutrition, the State norm may exceed the NFCR norm by not more than 50%.
  3. Keeping in view the higher cost of transportation and handling in the hilly States (Jammu & Kashmir, Hiatal Pradesh, hill areas of Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, hill areas of West Bengal and the seven North Eastern States) a variation of more than 50% (i.e. upto Rs. 750 per ha.) is permitted for agriculture input subsidy. For other States, a variation of not more than 25% only is permitted over and above Rs. 500 per ha. Which is the NFCR norm.
  4. In respect of other items of assistance variation from the NFCR norms may be kept at not more than 25%.

4. The State Government is, accordingly, requested to recast the norms of assistance from the Calamity Relief Fund in the wake of natural calamities and inform the Accountant General and this Ministry urgently. A copy of this letter alongwith a copy of the norms already laid down by the State Government is being endorsed to the Accountant General for ensuring that only expenditure in accordance with this letter is booked to the head 2245-Natural Calamities.


5. The norms laid down in this communication takes effect from Ist April 1997. Expenditure higher than this norms incurred till 31/3/1997 will be admissible under Audit provided it is on items which are considered admissible for relief/ rehabilitation etc. under CRF.

Yours faithfully,

RS Garg

Dy Secy to Govt of India

List of items of expenditure and the scale of assistance recommended for assistance from national fund for calamities
SN Items chargeable to CRF Norms for assistance from NFCR


Gratuitous Relief:


Ex-Gratia payment to families of deceased persons

Rs. 20000 per deceased


Ex-Gratia payment for loss of a limb or both the eyes

Rs. 10000


Relief for the old and infirm and destitute children

Rs.5.00 per adult, Rs.3.00 per child per day


Clothing and utensils for families whose houses have been washed away

Rs. 250 plus Rs. 250


Supplementary Nutrition

Rs. 1.05 per day per head as per ICDS norms


Assistance to Small Farmers/Marginal Farmers for:



Desilting etc.

25% and 31-1/3% to small farmers and marginal farmers respectively on the basis of LDB/ NABARD / any relevant State Agency’s norms/pattern subject to a ceiling of Rs. 2500 per hectare.


Removal of debris in hill areas, and



Desilting/Restoration/Repair of fish farms



Agriculture input subsidy (for agricultural crops, horticultural crops and plantation crops)

Rs. 500 per hectare


Loss of substantial portion of land caused by landslides

Rs. 5000 per family


Employment Generation:


(Only to meet additional requirements after taking into account funds available under Plan Schemes viz. JRY, IJRY, EAS etc.

As per JRY norms


Animal Husbandry:


Assistance to Small and Marginal Farmers/Agricultural labourers:


For replacement of bullocks, milch animals, draught animals, sheep, goats and pigs

As per IRDP pattern subject to ceilings of 1/4th and 1/3rd as subsidy on the cost followed by NABARD


For provision of fodder, veterinary care and fodder concentrate.

Per day per Animal:

Large animals – Rs. 8.0

Small animals- Rs. 4.00


Assistance to Fisherman


For repair/replacement of boats, nets and other equipment damaged or lost:





25% subsidy will be provided subject to ceiling on subsidy per family as per IRDP pattern. The cost of boats will also be determined with reference to approved cost under IRD programme.





Input subsidy for fish seed farm

Rs. 500 per hectare


Assistance to artisans in handicraft sector by way of subsidy for repair/ replacement of damaged equipments:


Traditional Crafts:


For damaged equipment

Rs. 500 per person


For raw material

Rs. 625 per person


For Handloom Weavers :


Repair/ replacement of loom equipment and accessories

Rs. 500 per loom


Purchase of yarn and other material

Rs. 500 per loom


Assistance for repair/ restoration of damaged houses:


Fully damaged house

(i) Relocation and construction-Rs. 4000

(ii) Construction- Rs. 2000


Partially damaged house

Repairs- Rs. 800


Emergency supply of drinking water (Only for meeting requirements additional to ongoing Plan Schemes viz. ARWSP)

To be approved by State Level Committee (Amended vide letter No. 1-12/95-NDM, dated 27-30/5/1997)


Procurement, storage and movement of fodder



Movement of useful cattle to other areas



Provision of medicines, disinfectants, insecticides for prevention of outbreak of equipments



Additional nutrient to animal feed to prevent malnutrition



Medical care for cattle and poultry against epidemics



Evacuation of people affected / likely to be affected



Provision for temporary accommodation, food, clothing, medical care etc of people affected/ evacuated



Air dropping of food and medicines



Restoration to pre calamity level of damaged public works viz. roads, buildings, irrigation and flood control works, drainage works, school buildings, public health centres, hospital buildings, electricity installations etc



Replacement of damage medical equipment and lost medicines of Govt hospitals/ health centres



Operational cost of Ambulance Service, Mobile Medical Teams, temporary dispensaries, field sanitary engineering devices, essential medicines and medical equipments



Cost of clearance of debris



Cost of search and rescue measures



Disposal of dead bodies/ carcases



Post disaster public education



Cost of seed reserve built up by State Seed Corporation for contingency planning



Improvement to the flood control amenities as a preparatory measures


Government of India Ministry of Agriculture Deptt of Agriculture & Cooperation Krishi Bhawan, Dr Rajendra Prasad Road

New Delhi-110001


F.No. 1-21/95-NDM                                                                           Dated: 27/5/1997




            Shri KS Janjua

            Financial Commissioner &

            Secretary to Govt. Punjab

            Deptt of Revenue & Rehabilitation



Sub:     Items on norms of assistance, the expenditure on which alone will be chargeable to the Calamity Relief Fund.



            Please refer to this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 21st March 1997 on the above-mentioned subject. A list of items of expenditure and scale of assistance was enclosed with the letter referred to above. In the list against items number 9 to 26, it was inadvertently mentioned as “to be assessed by Central Team”. It is clarified that for items 9 onwards of the list of approved items for expenditure under Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) total expenditure would be as approved by the State Government, for which the State Level Committee under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary is already in existence. As far as expenditure norms for individual items are concerned, the schedule of rate and other norms as applicable in the various departments of the State Government would apply subject to the over all supervision of the State Level Committee.

2.         A copy of this communication is also being endorsed to the Accountant General of the State.                                                                

   Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                    (Ajay Kumar)

                                                                 Dy Sect to Govt of India





No.43(2)PF-I/2000 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure Plan Finance-I Division


New Delhi 20/4/2000



            The Finance Secretary,

            Government of Punjab,




Sub:     Release of Centre’s contribution towards States’ Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) during 2000-2001.



            I am directed to refer to the recommendations of the Eleventh Finance Commissioner (EFC) relating to calamity relief in its interim report for 2000-01 wherein the Commission has recommended of Rs. 2000 crore as against Rs. 1384.60 crore in 1999-2000 determined by TFC for the year. Pending the final report of the Commission the Centre’s share has been maintained at the TFC level of 75%. The EFC has also recommended that the sums may provisionally be released to the States out of this amount in the same relative proportion as obtaining in the year 1999-2000. A statement showing the corpus of state’s CRF alongwith Central and State’s shares for 2000-01 based on EFC recommendation is enclosed.


2.         Reference in invited to the recommendations of the TFC (19995-2000) according to which before releasing the amount in any year the Ministry of Finance has to ensure that the Central contribution released in earlier years had been credited to the CRF (para 9.15 (b).


3.         In accordance with the above recommendation of the TFC, I am directed to request you to ensure that the earlier releases of the Centre’s as well as State’s contributions have been credited to the accounts of the State CRF. An updated statement showing the amounts of the contribution of Central Government as well as State Governments credited to the accounts of CRF during the period 1995-96 to 1999-2000 may kindly be furnished immediately to facilitate the releases of the Centre’s share of CRF 2000-01.


Sd/Sheela Prasad,



Centre and  State share of CRF during 2000-01 (Rs. In lacs)




Allocation 2000-01 (Centre’s share

Quarterly allocation (Centre’s share)

Allocation 2000-01 (State’s share)

Quarterly allocation (State’s share)








Hon'ble Revenue Minister


 Hon'ble Minister-In-Charge
 Sh. Bram Shanker Sharma (Jimpa)

Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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