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The DCs are required to send information regarding natural calamities and loss caused on this account to the State headquarters within 24 hours of the occurrence of natural calamities in the proforma enclosed herewith. The final demand for relief should broadly tally with the initial reports regarding loss assessment.


2. The following typed scheduled should be followed while sending demand for relief:



Relief for loss of life/loss

of limbs/loss of animals.

Within 7 days of the occurrence of natural calamity.


Relief for house damage.

Within 1 month of the occurrence of natural calamity.

(c )

Loss of crops.

Within 1 month of completion of girdawari.


3. The relief should be distributed within one month.

4. The relief is to be disbursed through accounts payee cheques in case the amount is Rs. 1000/- or more and through bearer cheque in case the relief amount is less than Rs. 1000/-(12/9/90, 20/9/93)




1. Crop loss due to heavy rains / floods/ hail storms and loss of cotton crop due to pest attack is admissible for relief . (14/9/95, 20/12/00)

2. The DC is to record a certificate in regard to assessment and verification of loss in the prescribed proforma enclosed herewith. (3/8/90)

3. The relief is to be restricted upto maximum of 10 acres per Khatauni. (14/9/95)

4. For damage to fruit, vegetable, horticulture and floriculture crops, the relief is to be granted for the damage caused by hailstorms and floods only to the fruit bearing trees from the state of flowering to plucking of fruits. Relief will be admissible only for the damage caused within specific dates which will be intimated by the Horticulture Department. Other conditions mentioned in this check list will also apply to these crops. (18/8/93, 14/9/95, 25/8/95)

5. Relief for no crop sown due to water logging @ Rs. 2000 per acre is admissible. The proposal has to be accompanied by a certificate from the XEN Drainage that there was water logging and no crop could be sown. The girdawari register has to show ‘Khali’ due to water logging. (23/9/97, 9/1/98)

6. The un-authorised cultivators of government land will get 2/3rd of relief amount. While disbursing the relief amount and arrears of charges from the un-authorised cultivators in the preceding years should be deducted. (12/9/90)

7. The landlord and tenant are to share the relief in the ratio of 1: 2 and seeri etc. are to get relief to the extent of their share. (12/9/90)

8. The crop loss assessment is to be verified by the Patwaris and Kanungos and checked by Circle Revenue Officer to the extent of 100 %, by the SDM to the extent of 50 % and random check by the DCs. (12/9/90)

9. The assessment is to be based on normal girdawari/special girdawari. Special girdawari would be done only if the crop is damaged in early stage. Loss to matured/harvested crops can be assessed from the normal girdawari and there is no need for special girdawari. However, if the crop is damaged in early stage, then the assessment cannot be done from the normal girdawari which will be undertaken after about 2 to 3 months. Thereafter special girdawari will have to be done for assessment of crops damaged in early stage (12/9/90)

10. The demand for relief is to be given in the prescribed performa.


11. In addition to the above points, the following points are to be noted while sending demand for relief on account of crop loss due to fire:

(i)Relief @ Rs. 3000 per acre is admissible, in case mature standing/harvested crop is completely destroyed.

(ii) The cause of fire should be other than electrical faults/ short circuits in which case the relief would be provided by the Punjab State Electricity Board.

(iii)The case of fire loss would be reported promptly by the person affected and the Circle Revenue Officer would make verification through a spot visit within 48 hours.



1. DC to record a certificate under his signatures regarding assessment and verification in the Performa enclosed herewith. (3/8/98)

2. Relief for houses damage is admissible due to heavy rains and floods only. (12/9/90, 14/9/95)

3. Relief for house damage is to be restricted to one house per family and that too only for residential houses. (12/9/90)

4. A fully damaged house should be one which requires to be fully re-constructed. (12/9/90)

5. In the case of partially damaged house, there should be significant and visible damage such as collapse of wall, portion of roof, settlement of foundation resulting in serious cracks to the extent of 50 per cent overall damage. (12/9/90)

6. The assessment of house damaged is to be undertaken within one week by a gazetted officer. Sarpanch/Lambardar/Municipal Commissioner should be associated with the assessment. The assessment list is to be read out in the village Panchayat/Municipal Ward and the list is to be signed by the gazetted officer and the Sarpanch/Municipal Commissioner. (12/9/90)

7. Name and designation of the assessing officer is to be indicated.

8. Relief will not be admissible for houses constructed un-authorizedly on Govt./Panchayat/municipal lands etc (25/8/95, 19/5/97)

9. The request for relief should be accompanied of Roznamcha report of Patwari.

10. The demand for relief should be given in the prescribed proforma.




1. Relief for loss of human life/ a limb or both eyes due to heavy rains / floods / fire (due to any reason)/ lightening/ collapse of a house or a pillar or a tree by furious dust storms is admissible. ( 17/2/92, 10/12/93, 9/11/94 and 25/8/95)

2. The Deputy Commissioner is to record a certificate under his signature in the proforma enclosed . (3/8/98)

3. The Tehsildar himself should verify the loss of life etc within one week of the date of incident. The verification should be attested by Sarpanch / Lambardar / Municipal Councilor. (12/9/90)

4. The claim is to be accompanied by the list of legal heirs duly certified by the Tehsildar in accordance with rules. (12/9/90)

5. The claim should be accompanied by an affidavit from the legal heirs to the effect:

(i)That the deceased was not insured.

(ii)That they have not received any help from any other agency such as Red Cross, CM Relief Fund, PM Relief Fund etc.

6. Loss of a limb /both eyes due to heavy rains/floods/fire/lightening/collapse of a house, pillar or tree by furious storms is admissible for relief. The committee headed by Assistant Civil Surgeon and comprising of specialists of the concerned limb and the Medical Officer is to certify loss of limb/both eyes. The other points mentioned in the checklist are also to be followed ( 5/6/98)

7. The claim is to be accompanied by death certificate and post mortem report/ FIR/ Patwari’s Roznamcha Report (12/9/90)

8. The demand for relief should be given in the proforma prescribed.



1. Loss of animals due to heavy rains/ floods/hailstorms/fire (due to any reason)/ lightening is admissible for relief.

2. The DC to record a certificate in regards to assessment and demand in the prescribed proforma. (3/8/98)

3. The assessment of loss of animals is to be carried out by a gazetted officer with the help of officers of Animal Husbandry Department. Sarpanch / Lambardar/ Municipal Councilor is to be associated with the assessment. The assessment register is to be signed by a gazetted officer and the Sarpanch/ Lambardar/ Municipal Councilor who was associated. The name and designation of the gazetted officer is to be clearly indicated. (12/9/90)

4. The cause of death of animals is to be ascertained and stated in the report. If possible it should be supported by a post mortem report. (12/9/90)

5. The information in regard to animal loss is to be compiled family wise. One family entitled to relief for maximum of two large animals and maximum of four small animals including all categories. Large animals includes buffalo /bullock /cow /horse /camel /mule /pony/ donkey. Small animals include goat/sheep/pig. (18/3/91, 14/2/95 and 19/5/97)

6. An affidavit should be taken from the owner that the animals were not insured.

7. The demand for relief should be given in the prescribed proforma.



1.Item of Relief : Crop Loss/ House Damage/Loss of Life/Loss of Animals etc.

2.Date and nature of natural calamity:_____________________

3.Total relief amount: ___________________________________

4. I have gone through the checklist and the instructions on the subject and I certify that the relief worked out is in accordance with them.

5. I have personally checked the assessment and I certify that it is in order. I am satisfied that the relief demanded is not in excess of the actual demand.

6.The relief would be disbursed within one month of the receipt of funds andany unspent amount would be returned to the Government immediately thereafter.

7.The final demand for relief broadly tallies with the initial report regarding assessment of loss sent to Government within 24 hours of the occurrence of natural calamity.

8. Reason for delay : (Give reasons for delay if any in sending the case):




Date:______ Signature:

District:_______ Name:

(Of the Deputy Commissioner)

Hon'ble Revenue Minister


 Hon'ble Minister-In-Charge
 Sh. Bram Shanker Sharma (Jimpa)

Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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