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A Statement of the boards, councils, committee and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public:



Name of council

Name of committee

Name of other bodies constituted by the Department

Whether the meetings of these bodies are open to the public (Yes/No)

Whether the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public (Yes/No)

Meeting held




State Level Land Acquisition Board(SLLAB) is constituted under the Standing Order No.28.

The members of  this Board are as under :-

Financial Commissioner Revenue;                  Chairman


Financial Commissioner & Secy.                    Member

to Govt. Punjab, Agriculture

Department ;


Principal Secretary Town & Country              Member

Planning Department ;


Principal Secretary PWD (B&R);                   Member

Principal Secretary Finance ;                           Member


Principal Secretary Irrigation &                      Member Drainage ;


Principal Secretary Housing & Urban             Member

Development ;


Principal Secretary Local Government ;         Member


Director Land Local Government ;                Member


Deputy Commissioner of concerned              Member

district ;


Spl. Secy. Rev./Addl. Secy. Rev./                  Convener.

Joint Secy. Rev.



            In all cases of Land Acquisition this Board issue No Objection Certificate under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 involving an area of more than 25 acres (in case of Mega Project relating to Agriculture/Horticulture upto 50 Acres), in rural areas more than 5 acres in and on the periphery of all Municipal Town (except  Mega Project relating to  Agriculture/Horticulture upto 50 Acres.


            The meetings are held as and when the proposal are received in the Department of Revenue. Standing Order No.28 is silent about public participation in the SLLAB Meeting. 




Meeting of SLLAB were held on 15.1.2009, 6.2.2009, 19.2.2009, 12.3.2009, 6.7.2009 and 10.7.2009.




Pepsu Townships Development Board, Rajpura (Policy Br.) established under Section 4 of the Pepsu Township Development Board, 1954.

The members of  this Board are as under :-


Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab                           Chairman


Financial Commissioner Revenue and                 Member

Secretart, Revenue and Rehabilitation,

Department, Punjab.


Principal Secretary, Finance, Punjab          Member


Principal Secretary/Secretary Housing                 Member

and Urban Development, Punjab.


Deputy Commissioner, Patiala                            Member


Shri Krishan Ahuja,                                   Member

House No.1265, Near NTC School,

Rajpura Town.


Smt. Sarita Gaira                                        Member

R/o Tripri (Patiala)


          The Board may associate with itself, in such manner and for such purposes as may be prescribed, any person whose assistance or advice it may desire in carrying out any of the provisions of  this act or rules made thereunder, and such person shall have a right to take part in the discussions of the Board, relevant to the purpose, but shall not have a right to vote.


Functions of Board


Pepsu Township Development Board has been constituted to rehabilitate the Displaced Persons who came from Pakistan. The main function of this Board is to rehabilitate the persons who came from Bhawalpur (Pakistan). Now at Present Board is selling the remaining land and doing the development for displaced persons.


Norms of Meeting


The detail regarding meeting of Board is given in Section 9 of Pepsu Township Development Board Act, 1954 and rule 3 of Pepsu Township Development Board Rules, 1979.







Departmental Promotion Committee (Admn.I Br.) is constituted vide circular letter No.4/39/3PPI/89/20265, dated 23.11.1990.


Structure of the Departmental Promotion Committee is as under :-


1)      Administration Secretary                           (Chairman)

2)      Head of Department                (Member Secretary)

3)      Secretary Personnel or his nominee  (Member)

4)      Secretary Welfare or his nominee     (Member)


The Departmental Promotion Committee  judge the suitability of officers for consideration of promotion of Class I & II (Now group  A & B) in Financial Commissioners’ Secretariat, Punjab.








Departmental Promotion Committee (R.E.-I Br.) is constituted vide Notification No. 1(3)2/91-REI(3)/664, dated 19.1.1993.

The constitution of the Departmental Promotion Committee in R.E.I Br. is as under :-

1) Financial Commissioner Revenue                    Chairman &                  and Secretary to Govt. Punjab,                            Convener

Department of Revenue.


2) Concerned Departmental Officer            Member

(Joint /Additional Secretary)


3) Representative of the Personnel             Member

Department (appointed by Personnel



4) Secretary Social Welfare Department     Member

or his representative.


          The meeting of the said Committee is usually  held at the end of the year.

          This Committee will consider the cases for promotion of Class I & II Officers (now group A & B) of the Revenue & Rehabilitation Department against the vacancies meant for promotion quota for the said year and for the vacancies arising next year on regular basis and also on adhoc basis against the direct quota posts till the recommendation received from the Punjab Public Service Commission.







Departmental Promotion Committee (R.E.II Br.) is constituted vide Notification No.13/9/2005-REII (4)/8309, dated 14.8.2006.

The members of  this Departmental Promotion Committee are as under :-

Financial Commissioner Revenue &           Chairman

Secretary to Govt. of Punjab,

Revenue Department.


Representative of the Department of                   Member


Secretary Social Welfare or his                            Member

representative provided that if the

above constitution of the Departmental

Promotion Committee does not consist

of any officer belonging to the Scheduled

Castes the Administrative Secretary should

co-opt. Officer belonging to the rank of

Scheduled Castes not below the rank of

Joint Secretary to Govt. of Punjab as


Concerned Head of Department.                Member

(Commissioners of Divisions in the State)

The administrative Secretary shall convene the meeting of the Committee.

This committee consider the cases of promotion of group ‘A’ & ‘B’ posts of Departments of  Revenue i.e. Divisional Commissioners office employee and District Office employee of the State.





Hon'ble Revenue Minister


 Hon'ble Minister-In-Charge
 Sh. Bram Shanker Sharma (Jimpa)

Special Chief Secretary, Department of Revenue, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management

Sh.  K A P Sinha, IAS

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