Agriculturists Loans Act 1884 (Central Act XII of 1884)

Agriculturists Loans Rules 1910

Govt Grant Act 1895 (Central Act XV of 1895)

Indian Registration Act 1908 (Central Act XVI of 1908)

Punjab Registration Manual

The Punjab Registrars and Sub-Registrars Rule 1966

Requisition and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act 1952 (Central Act XXX of 1952)

Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Rules 1953 (Under Central Act XXX of 1952)

Northern India Canal and Drainage Act 1873 (Central Act VIII of 1873)

Land Improvement Loans Act 1883 (Central Act XIX of 1883)

Land Improvement Loans Rules 1910 (Under Central Act XIX of 1883)

Land Revenue Act 1887 (Central Act XVII of 1887)

Revenue Recovery Act 1890 (Central Act I of 1890)

State Acquisition of Land for Union Purposes Validation Act 1954 (Central Act 23 of 1954)

Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Hindu Succession Act 1956

Hindu Minorities and Guardian Act 1956

Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956

Indian Stamp Act

The Indian Stamp (Punjab Amendment) Act, 1994

Punjab Stamp Manual and Rules

Contempt of Courts Act

Transfer of Property Act


The Land Acquisition Act 1894

FCR Standing Order 28

Land Acquisition (East Punjab Amendment) Act 1948

Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) Act 1953

Land Acquisition Punjab Second Amendment Act 1956

Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) Act 1962

Land Acquisition (Punjab Amendment) 1969


Displaced Persons Act Commentary

Displaced Persons Rules and Commentary